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Standing Committees

The Awards Committee shall develop appropriate awards programs to recognize distinguished scientists who have made substantial contributions to Food Science and Technology and its related disciplines. Scholarship and awards programs shall also be developed to recognize promising younger scientists and students.
Chapter Affairs

The Chapter Affairs Committee shall be responsible for the relationships between the SOCIETY and the Chapters. It shall:

  1. Review all petitions for establishment of new Chapters and recommend action to the Board of Directors,

  2. Assist petitioners in preparing applications materials,

  3. Review Chapter Bylaws for conformance to the SOCIETY’s requirements,

  4. Specify initiation procedures, and implement all Chapter programs specified by the Board of Directors.


To assist Chapters, the Committee shall:

  1. Monitor Chapter activities and recommend ways of strengthening and improving their programs,

  2. Initiate and suggest specific programs for Chapters to use,

  3. Work with inactive Chapters that may be in danger of losing their charters to revitalize them, and

  4. Work with Chapters whose charters have been withdrawn to help reinstate them.

Constitution and Bylaws
There shall be a Constitution and Bylaws Committee comprising three (3) Members. The committee shall maintain continuing surveillance over the developments of any conflicts between the Constitution and the Bylaws. It shall review and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on all proposed amendments to the Constitution or Bylaws.
The Finance Committee shall be responsible for managing the SOCIETY’s finances including preparing and submitting the budget.
Membership Qualifications & Evaluation

The Membership Qualifications and Evaluation Committee shall review all membership nominations for compliance with the SOCIETY’s requirements and shall recommend qualified candidates to the Board of Directors for induction into Phi Tau Sigma. The Committee shall develop suitable guidelines for acceptance and promotional material to explain or interpret membership qualifications, requirements and obligations.


The Committee also shall assist Chapter Membership Committees in expediting the nomination of new Members (professional or student status at time of nomination) and new Lifetime Members.
Nominations & Elections
The Nominations and Elections Committee shall solicit nominations for President Elect and Directors, screen candidates and obtain written agreements from them to serve if elected, in time to meet the balloting deadlines.
There shall be a Communications Committee of not less than three (3) Members.  This committee shall be comprised of 3 subcommittees: Newsletter, Social Media, and Website. In charge of the SOCIETY's Newsletter will be the Newsletter Editor.  In charge of Social Media will be the Social Media Specialist.  In charge of the Website will be the Webmaster.  The work product of this committee shall serve as a source of information about the SOCIETY, its Members, and other news and information related to Food Science and Technology. 
The Program Committee shall be responsible for identifying and presenting appropriate programs to encourage the long-range professional growth of the SOCIETY. It shall be responsible for all activities at the Annual Meeting of both the SOCIETY and the Institute of Food Technologists, and/or any other association venue, other than the meeting of the Board of Directors. The committee shall be responsible for the virtual awards ceremony as well. The committee may develop or assist in developing programs for smaller groups or members, such as: Chapters, regional meetings, symposia or scientific lectureships.

The Development Committee will be responsible to develop and implement strategies and mechanisms to raise long range funding to allow Phi Tau Sigma to be funded in perpetuity.


This committee shall be responsible for reaching out to companies and other potential contributors to find and secure funding for the Contributing Partners program.

The Audit Committee audits, reviews, and reports on the Treasurer’s records.
Phi Tau Sigma – AMSA Research with Impact Scholarship Selection Committee
The Phi Tau Sigma - AMSA Research with Impact Scholarship Selection Committee shall collect and evaluate the nominations for this scholarship, with the cooperation of the American Meat Science Association.

Ad Hoc Strategic Relations

The Strategic Relations Committee shall develop and recommend to the Executive Committee a prioritized strategic plan for long term financial stability and relationship building of Phi Tau Sigma.


Ad Hoc Student Relations

The charge of the Student Relations Committee is to enrich the overall student member experience from nomination through graduation and early career transitions by developing and supporting initiatives that improve student relations and interactions within Phi Tau Sigma.


Ad hoc Internship Organization Committee

The Internship Organization Committee shall organize and administer a program to advertise and link companies seeking interns with Phi Tau Sigma students seeking internships.


Ad hoc Future Directions Committee

The Future Directions Committee shall evaluate the relationship of Phi Tau Sigma with professional societies, and determine our next steps into the future.


Ad hoc Membership Recruitment & Retention Committee

The Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee shall organize and administer programs to recruit and retain members of Phi Tau Sigma.

Ad Hoc Committees

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