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Membership Qualifications & Evaluations Committee

The Membership Qualifications & Evaluations (MQ&E) Committee is a committee under Phi Tau Sigma that reviews and evaluates all membership nominations for compliance with the Society's requirements. Once the committee is satisfied with the evaluation, they recommend the nominees to the Executive Committee for induction into Phi Tau Sigma.

Please read the Instructions, which start on page 3 of the membership nomination form, before and after filling out the form to be sure it is done completely and correctly.

A mandatory, non-refundable nomination fee is required for all member nominations. The cost is $20.00 for nominees with student status at the time of nomination and $40.00 for nominees without student status (professionals). If approved for membership, the fee will be applied to the cost of the nominee's first year's membership dues. If a nominee is rejected, they must wait at least four months before they can be re-nominated.

The process duration for recommending a nominee until the Membership Qualifications & Evaluation Committee decision is approximately one month. The nominators and nominees will be notified once the evaluation process is completed.

 Interested in becoming a member?

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