Members are elected as students or after graduation in recognition of their achievements. For eligibility criteria and membership form can be found on this page.

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Phi Tau Sigma offers numerous awards and scholarships to the members. To learn about the eligibility criteria and apply for these, please visit the AWARDS page

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Purposes of Phi Tau Sigma

  • To recognize and honor professional achievements of Food Scientists and Technologists,
  • To encourage the application of fundamental scientific principles to Food Science and Technology in each of its branches,
  • To stimulate the exchange of scientific knowledge through meetings, lectures, and publications,
  • To establish and maintain a network of like-minded professionals, and
  • To promote exclusively charitable, scientific, literary and educational programs.
Face to face executive committee meeting

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Are you interested in joining, Phi Tau Sigma, please visit our membership page for more details. Nominations from two active members are required. We invite all the existing and prospective members to actively volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering, please submit the "contact us" form.