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Joining Phi Tau Sigma has helped me grow as I transitioned from being a student to becoming a food science professional. I value the community of academics and professionals that Phi Tau Sigma offers, and these connections continue to make my first few years in the food industry very smooth. The Newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with people and meet new members. I look forward to being part of Phi Tau Sigma for the coming years of my career.

Claudia Pazlopez


R&D Scientist I

General Mills

Opportunity! I see Phi Tau Sigma as an opportunity for students and professional to be:
Recognized for their excellence having been chosen above their peers for membership in The Honor Society of Food Science and Technology.
For students to have access to some great scholarships.
For all members to be able to have networking and mentoring opportunities with and for the best individuals in our field.
For all members to have the resources to make a significant and positive difference in our schooling, careers, and lives.
For all members to be able to give back, or give forward.
To have a true impact in and for the field of food science and technology.
Grasp the Opportunity. Remember that greater involvement with Phi Tau Sigma reaps greater rewards. Be a member in good standing, and volunteer at the national and/or Chapter levels

Kathryn L. Kotula


Lifetime Member

Investigative Food Sciences

I think Dr. Mary K. Schmidl's research on the origin of our name best sums it up. Mary determined that Phi Tau Sigma refers to our "Devotion to the Study of Foods." To that end, ever since I discovered the field of Food Science as an undergraduate student, through one means or another, I have been passionately committed to contributing to the safety, quality, affordability and wholesomeness of our global food supply. The very best aspects of Phi Tau Sigma are that it provides a forum to simultaneously recognize the next generation of those who are similarly committed to the discipline while ensuring that these wonderful young people are networked with those who have made life-long contributions to the field. Phi Tau Sigma contributes to the continuity and evolution of our discipline.

Kathryn Boor


The Ronald P. Lynch Dean
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Cornell University
Ithaca, NY

Phi Tau Sigma has been a great resource for networking, career exploration, and professional development. As a student member, I have enjoyed the generosity of seasoned Phi Tau Sigma members in supporting future food scientists through scholarships and the Newsletter features. I look forward to bringing honor to the profession and giving back in a similar way throughout my membership.

Claire Zoellner

Ph.D. Candidate

Department of Food Science

Cornell University

Phi Tau Sigma supports student professional development through recognition of their accomplishments, scholarships, and research awards.

Sheryl Barringer


Professor and Interim Department Chair
Department of Food Science and Technology

The Ohio State University

Today it seems like an Honor Society is an anachronism - out of step with the times, unimportant, and superfluous. I would argue that it is quite the contrary. Being nominated for and inducted into an Honor Society is a recognition of accomplishment at the professional level. It is like being a role model for personal achievement in a field or endeavor. We all need an "atta boy" every once in a while for exceptional accomplishment, and recognition by an Honor Society does exactly that. I am grateful that my major professor, Dr. Owen Fennema, thought enough of my own accomplishments to nominate me for membership. I am proud to say that I am a member of Phi Tau Sigma and, even more importantly, I am proud to be considered in the same class as others whom I recognize as giants in the field of food science and technology. I am also proud that the organization continues to give back to the profession by awarding scholarships to deserving students and achievement awards to those who excel in our profession. Honor Societies and their members deserve to be recognized today.

Daryl Lund


2006-2008 President, Treasurer, Lifetime Member

Phi Tau Sigma means living up to the responsibilities of their noble purpose and mission. Phi Tau Sigma is a highly caring and inspirational COMMUNITY where people of common values CONNECT to celebrate and foster extraordinary contributions to food science and technology that serves humanity. The membership of Phi Tau Sigma demonstrates exceptional character traits through their scholarly achievements, their concern for others and their visionary leadership. Members of Phi Tau Sigma use their talents, gifts and skills to give back to their community through their moral drive to improve social justice and to never accept substandard performance or complacency. Phi Tau Sigma members demonstrate deep sentiments, convictions and self-sacrifice; they do what needs to be done to serve others.

Mary K. Schmidl


2013-2014 President, Lifetime Member

Adjunct Professor

University of Minnesota

Phi Tau Sigma provides a personal connection with Technical Experts that believe in the power of Science, and the Benefits it can bring to the world.

Martha Cassens


Vice President of Product Innovations, Development, and Quality

ACH Food Companies

Phi Tau Sigma nurtured the seeds of my career in the field of food science and technology. I joined Phi Tau Sigma as an Associate Member in 2010 and became Life Time Member in 2014. I was nominated to Phi Tau Sigma by Dr. Mario de Figueiredo who encouraged me to initiate the Phi Tau Sigma Chapter at Wayne State University. I organized key events pertaining to food science, wrote about the hands on experiences in Newsletter and encouraged my fellow colleagues to become involved! The exposure and awareness to food scientists and professionals in this field enriched my skills and my hard work bore fruit when I received the Phi Tau Sigma Achievement Scholarship in 2013 and later joined University of Central Oklahoma as an Assistant Professor in Food Science. The Society’s monthly Newsletter provides valuable insight to the latest multi-disciplinary proceedings in the field of Food Science and guides you to be more productive.

Words always fall short to describe Phi Tau Sigma’s role in shaping my career but it is a privilege to be a part of this Honorary Society which strives for team spirit and supports you to be an engaged food science citizen!

Kanika Bhargava


Lifetime Member

Assistant Professor

University of Central Oklahoma

I believe the Founders, under the supervision of Dr. Gideon “Guy” Livingston, had a long-term vision by establishing Phi Tau Sigma Honorary Society, Inc., The Honor Society of Food Science and Technology. Phi Tau Sigma recognizes high standards and achievements as it promotes the profession of food science and technology. I am so proud of being part of this distinguished Society, and I appreciate all of the contributions of the pioneers of the food science profession. The Society enables me to connect with other food scientists and expand my research perspectives in a number of areas, especially in the realm of public health.

As a Phi Tau Sigma member, I encourage students of food science to join this organization; it stimulates their intellects through annual meetings concurrent with the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), which offer various educational programs and information on career opportunities through the career center. Also, I recognize the value of the tremendous financial help to the students through generous scholarships.

Afef Janen


Alabama A&M University

I learned about Phi Tau Sigma at the IFT annual conference and found out that it was a prestigious organization with leading food scientists around the world. Since there was not a Chapter at Clemson University, I contacted Kathy Kotula and, with her help, and the instructions on the Phi Tau Sigma website, I was able to charter a Chapter. Through this Chapter, I was not only able to network with food scientists around the world, but I was able to meet exceptional food science students at Clemson University. In addition to networking and activities, I was granted several awards (Phi Tau Sigma Founders' Scholarship and the Phi Tau Sigma Student Achievement Scholarship). I also participate at the national level, as an Alternative At Large Councilor, member of the Newsletter Committee, and the Chair of the Chapter Affairs Committee. At the national level, I am now able to meet other food scientists and assist in the enhancement of this prominent organization. As a recent graduate, I was able to speak with many of my esteemed colleagues about prospective positions. I feel fortunate to have been involved in this organization and I look forward to continuing involvement as I begin my food science career.

Emily Steinberg



Campbell Soup Company

Phi Tau Sigma membership is one way I "give back" and support students who are entering the profession of food science and technology. I value that the organization promotes and encourages student achievement and leadership.

I was honored to be selected for membership to Phi Tau Sigma many years ago as a student, and now have an even deeper appreciation for the organization. My commitment to the organization, as a Lifetime Member, is based in large part on Phi Tau Sigma’s strong support of students who are entering the profession of food science and technology. Having served a year ago in the role of President, I now have a much better understanding of the work done by Phi Tau Sigma, to bring honor to the profession and to recognize the achievements of students and professional in the field. The many volunteers committed to Phi Tau Sigma bring strength to the organization, to the benefit of students who will become leaders within the discipline of food science and technology.

S. Suzanne Nielsen


Professor, Department of Food Science
Faculty Fellow, Office of Global Affairs

Purdue University

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