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Model Bylaws for Chapters

Mission & Purpose


The mission of Phi Tau Sigma is to raise the stature and recognize scholarly achievements of the Food Science and Technology profession. This mission is achieved by encouraging outstanding achievement by Food Science students and professionals, and by enhancing professionals among Food Science professionals through the Phi Tau Sigma member network. 



Eligibility for Membership of students


  1. Undergraduate students being nominated for student Membership should be pursuing a degree program in Food Science or an equivalent.  The statement of qualifications for students pursuing programs of study other than those meeting the IFT Education Standards should provide evidence of the program's content in Food Chemistry and Analysis, Food Safety and Microbiology, and Food Processing and Engineering.

  2. Graduate students being nominated for student Membership should be pursuing a graduate degree in Food Science or an equivalent.  A nomination should not be submitted until the student has completed at least two semesters of the graduate program.The statement of qualifications for students pursuing graduate degrees other than Food Science should clearly illustrate the relationship of the student's background and/or program of study to Food Science and Technology.

  3. Undergraduate and graduate students being nominated for student Membership should have a Grade Point Average (GPA) equal to or greater than 3.5, or equivalent.The statement of qualifications for any student with a GPA less than a 3.5 should provide other evidence of academic achievements to justify the nomination.

  4. The statement of qualifications for undergraduate and graduate students should focus on recognition, honors and other academic achievements of the student being nominated.

Eligibility for Membership of professionals


  1. Food Science and Technology professionals being nominated for professional Membership must have a minimum of 5 years of experience beyond the B.S. degree (4 years beyond the M.S. degree or 2 years beyond a Ph.D. degree) in a position directly related to Food Science and Technology in industry, government, a non-profit or an academic institution.

  2. The statement of qualifications for Food Science and Technology professionals being nominated should clearly illustrate how contributions of the nominee in his/her professional positions have distinguished the nominee from other professionals with similar professional experiences.

  3. The statement of qualifications for Food Science and Technology professionals should demonstrate the relationship of recognitions, honors and other achievements to the professional strengths of the nominee.                     


Members shall be nominated and elected in accordance with Article II, Section 4a, of the Constitution of the National Society.


Nominations for student Membership must be signed by one student Member and one professional Member, or two professional Members, and will be reviewed by the Chapter Executive Committee, before a vote by all the members of the Chapter.Nominations for professional Membership must be signed by two professional Members.

Student Membership will be revoked if


  1. Student’s GPA falls below a 3.5.

  2. Student does not earn the intended degree.

  3. Student fails to pay national dues.


Professional Membership is revoked if the member fails to pay national dues.


Lifetime membership is granted to any member in good standing who pays the one-time dues for lifetime membership.



Chapters of Phi Tau Sigma will adhere to all the laws, rules, and regulations governing the (insert appropriate institution) and its students. The organization is a non-profit and Honorary Society. Phi Tau Sigma welcomes persons of any race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, disability, or sexual orientation. The organization does not have hazing rituals. Additionally, members of the organization will be free to disassociate without consequence.



The national dues for Members (student and professionals) and one-time payment for Lifetime Members are set by the national Phi Tau Sigma organization.Chapter dues, above the national dues, can be set by the Chapter. National dues are to be paid directly to the national Society, while Chapter dues are paid to the Chapter. Programs and activities for the Chapter may also be financed through donations.



The members of the Chapter Executive Committee will include:


The duties of the President will be to conduct all meetings, assure timely correspondence with the national Society, handle all public relation issues for the Chapter, and promote membership in Phi Tau Sigma.

Vice President

The duties of the Vice President will be to assist the President with Chapter meetings and events, attend meetings in the President’s absence, and handle all social activities and events.


The duties of the Secretary/Treasurer will be to keep a record of all Chapter business, handle most paper work , and communicate to Chapter members announcements and dates for meetings.The same person or an independent Treasurer will manage all financial accounts, deposit any funds received, and arrange hotel accommodations and transportation for any speakers for Chapter events.



If an amendment to the by-laws is needed, the amendment must be submitted to the Chapter Secretary and announced at the next Chapter meeting.  The amendment will be discussed and amended, and then subsequently voted upon at the meeting following the one at which it was announced.  To succeed, an amendment needs to be accepted by a majority vote of the members present at the meeting presuming a quorum is present.  A quorum shall be a majority of the members in good standing at the time of voting.

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