Value of Phi Tau Sigma Membership

Few and far between are the great opportunities that can positively impact one’s future and marketability.  Phi Tau Sigma is such a great opportunity.

Phi Tau Sigma (ΦΤΣ) - The Honor Society of Food Science and Technology, was founded in 1953 with the following objectives:

  • Recognize and honor academic and professional achievements of students and professionals within the Food Science/Industry and aligned sciences/industries
  • Encourage the application of fundamental scientific principles to Food Science and Technology in each of its branches
  • Stimulate the exchange of scientific knowledge through meetings, lectures, and publications,
  • Establish and maintain a network of like-minded professionals
  • Promote charitable, scientific, literary and educational programs

Nomination and selection to Phi Tau Sigma membership distinguishes a mark of excellence and integrity for the inductee, an entryway for lifelong connections, and a platform for leadership and dedication to the field of Food Science and Technology.

The qualities associated with Phi Tau Sigma membership, i.e., academic excellence, leadership and professional achievement provide a competitive advantage that opens doors for success.

Partners and supporters of Phi Tau Sigma have access to the best and brightest talent in the field, the opportunity to participate as event, award and scholarship sponsors, and the occasion to network with top leaders in higher education, industry, NGOs, and government agencies.

Advantages of membership in Phi Tau Sigma

Through the recognition and honor of selective induction, Phi Tau Sigma members join a community of individuals representing academia, industry and government who pursue, inspire and foster excellence in the field of Food Science and Technology.   Member benefits include:

  1. Recognition of outstanding professional conduct and achievements, which is noteworthy on a resume and curriculum vitae.
  2. Opportunity to participate in and contribute to Chapter and Society programming and activities to benefit the food science industry and community.
  3. Eligibility for awards.
  4. Leadership development opportunities by serving as an elected official or through committee appointments, on national and Chapter levels.
  5. Academic and professional networking opportunities with leaders in the field
  6. Opportunities to mentor and foster rising talent.
  7. Connection with members from academia, industry, and government, both domestically and from abroad via the monthly Newsletter, and Chapter or annual meetings. This includes:
  1. potential for your research, career, or lifetime achievements to be featured in monthly Newsletter
  2. University Chapters of Phi Tau Sigma host meetings and events for their members
  3. Phi Tau Sigma hosted symposia during the IFT Annual Meeting, as well as the Phi Tau Sigma and IFT Division Competition Awards Ceremony

The very best aspects of Phi Tau Sigma are that it provides a forum to simultaneously recognize the next generation of those who are similarly committed to the discipline while ensuring that these wonderful young people are networked with those who have made life-long contributions to the field. Phi Tau Sigma contributes to the continuity and evolution of our discipline.” Kathryn Boor, Ph.D.  The Ronald P. Lynch Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University and Phi Tau Sigma Lifetime Member.

The Executive Committee of Phi Tau Sigma is committed to this very purpose and continually works to ensure the longevity of the Society.

For more information regarding Phi Tau Sigma and membership nominations, please visit our website at:, and contact Executive Director, Kathryn L. Kotula, Ph.D. at  (Please write “Phi Tau Sigma” in the subject line.)

Next Steps...

Are you ready to join? Please visit the link to know more about the detailed membership criteria and the membership form. Your membership form must be submitted by two active Phi Tau Sigma members.

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Professional Membership

Please join us as a professional member if you have a degree in food science and related field and experience working in the field.

Student Membership

If you currently enrolled in food science or related degree program and meet certain criteria, the student membership is best suited for you.