Student Membership: Eligibility and Guidelines

  1. Student nominees for membership should be pursuing a degree program in food science or equivalent, and should have a current Grade Point Average (GPA) equal to or greater than 3.5 out of 4.0, or equivalent.
  2. Student nominees for membership should indicate the number of credits completed toward the degree and the total credit
  3. Student nominees should be pursuing a Food Science degree and should have completed course work in all three of the core areas of study: Food Chemistry and Analysis, Food Safety and Microbiology, and Food Processing and Engineering. Information on course work and competencies in the core areas of study within Food Science must be completed.
  4. Graduate students should not be nominated until the student has completed at least two semesters or four quarters of the graduate program.
  5. The statement of qualifications should be written in third person.
  6. The statement of qualifications for students should focus on recognitions, honors and other academic achievements.
  7. The statement of qualifications for any student with a GPA less than a 3.5 should provide other evidence of academic achievements to justify the nomination.
  8. The statement of qualifications for students pursuing programs of study other than those meeting the IFT Education Standards should provide evidence of the program's content in Food Chemistry and Analysis, Food Safety and Microbiology, and Food Processing and Engineering.

Join Now!

Are you ready to join? Please click the link to know more about the detailed membership criteria and the membership form. Your membership form must be submitted by two active Phi Tau Sigma members.

Please read prior to submitting a nomination for membership

  1. This is a nomination process and not an application. The ΦTΣ Honor Society Nomination for Membership form should be reviewed by the nominators prior to submission.
  2. The nominators (signatories) must be members in good standing (have paid their dues) in Phi Tau Sigma. At least one of the nominators must be a Professional Member.
  3. Do not send attachments, they will be deleted.
  4. All nominations from a single institution should be submitted in a single file (pdf or Word format). Email the nomination file to the Executive Secretary. All nominators must be on the submission email, whether as the sender or copied on the email.
  5. The Membership and Qualifications Committee reviews all nomination and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee. The nomination evaluation process usually takes a month or so. Incomplete nominations will delay the evaluation or result in rejection.
  6. The nomination fee must be paid prior to review of the nomination material by Membership and Qualifications Committee. Please follow the instructions on page 2 above that are repeated here:
    Send this form as an email attachment to the Executive Secretary:  The payment can be by a check drawn on a US bank to Treasurer Daryl Lund: - May 1 to October 31: 151 E Reynolds Street, Cottage Grove, WI  53527-9397;  November 1 to April 30: 11815 N 97th Avenue, Sun City, AZ  85351-3609. OR You may pay online at
  7. Professional member dues are $40 per year, student member dues are $20 per year. Lifetime membership is $400 with no recurrent billing. Submit nomination fee equal to first year dues at the same time as this form.  If elected to membership, the nomination fee is your first year dues or may be deducted from a Lifetime membership. Payment is required with this application.
  8. Membership of anyone can be revoked for non-payment of dues, except Lifetime Members and Emeritus Members.
  9. The application form is on the Phi Tau Sigma website, subsection Documents. Also accessed by direct link:
  10. Contact email addresses: Executive Secretary, Kathryn L. Kotula, Ph.D.,
  11. Membership & Qualifications Committee Chair, Rodrigo Tarté, Ph.D.,
  12. New members can send and receive messages via the list service that enables direct communication with all members in good standing. Anyone may unsubscribe at this link
  13. Thank you for your interest in Phi Tau Sigma as we wish you continued success in advancing the profession of food science and technology.

Why Join?

“…I want to build and maintain a lifetime connection with this group of dedicated Food Science professionals.” Dongjun Zhao, Ph.D.

“..because I truly believe in the organization’s vision and mission.  Giving back to the scientific community (and particularly students) helps to advance the future of our field.” Taylor C. Wallace, Ph.D.

“The organization has strong values that I admire…I wanted to make a statement of my commitment to those values…to say I am committed to this organization for life.” Steven Wilson, MBA

“I have observed Phi Tau Sigma take efforts to include all Food Science students and provide them the needed guidance, contacts and exposure for advancing their careers.  I am myself one of the beneficiaries…Becoming a Lifetime member amounts to giving something back to Phi Tau Sigma for everything it did to my career.” Ravin Gnanasambandam, Ph.D.

“…it represents high commitment to excellence in academics, service and leadership in every area but specifically in the area of food science and technology.” Fatemeh Malekian, Ph.D.

“…because I always forgot to send my dues in.  The second and probably the most important reason is because I believe in the Phi Tau Sigma recognize and honor the professional achievement of food scientists and technologists, especially students.” Maria L. Plaza, Ph.D.

Pay Membership Dues

Are you currently a member or joining Phi Tau Sigma as a new member, pay your membership fees in a couple of minutes.

Mentorship Program

Phi Tau Sigma is committed to mentoring students and professionals in their career. To learn more about the mentorship program and become a mentee or mentor, visit the MENTORSHIP PROGRAM webpage.

Professional Membership

Please join us as a professional member if you have a degree in food science and related field and experience working in the field.