Phi Tau Sigma – AMSA Research with Impact Scholarship

The Phi Tau Sigma – AMSA Research with Impact Scholarship was inspired by the career and contributions of Dr. Anthony W. Kotula to the meat science community.  The objective of the award is to emphasize the importance of original research, carefully selected to solve vexing problems of the meat/food industry.”

The Phi Tau Sigma – AMSA Research with Impact Scholarship shall be given to a student Member or recently graduated Member of the American Meat Science Association whose undergraduate or graduate research has had, or is expected to have, a significant Impact - a practical and meaningful application.

The scholarship includes a plaque and $2,000 provided by Phi Tau Sigma.

Candidates (nominees) shall have been a student Member in good standing of AMSA for at least 1 year by the time of awarding, or a professional Member who has graduated 3 or fewer years from the time of nomination and has been a student Member and/or Member in good standing of AMSA during the time they did the research until the time of nomination.  Students or graduates who are not yet a member of Phi Tau Sigma – The Honor Society of Food Science and Technology at the time of awarding will be granted membership in the Honor Society.  Therefore, non-Phi Tau Sigma members who are students must have a current grade point average of at least 3.5, and have passed at least one course in each of the 3 core food science areas: Food Chemistry and Analysis, Food Safety and Microbiology, and Food Processing and Engineering, or equivalent.  (Equivalent courses should be defined, and could include, but are not limited to, courses such as Physiology & Biochemistry of Muscle as Food, or Industrial Processed Meat Operations for chemistry/analysis; Food Safety Policy & Regulatory Issues, or HAACP Systems for safety/microbiology; Meat, Poultry, or Dairy Processing for processing/engineering.)

Nominators shall be two (2) AMSA members and/or Phi Tau Sigma Members in good standing, at least one of which shall be a professional Member.  There shall be no self-nominations. Nomination emails shall come from one of the nominators, with the other nominator copied.

“Members in good standing” are defined by the Phi Tau Sigma Constitution as “those whose dues are paid up-to-date.” [Article II – Membership, Section 2, Member.] and are defined in the AMSA Bylaws similarly [Article III – Dues, and Article II, Section IV – Suspension of Membership].

The Phi Tau Sigma – AMSA Research with Impact Scholarship shall be presented annually at the annual Reciprocal Meat Conference, or the International Congress of Meat Science and Technology if in the United States that year.  There will be one scholarship given annually, at the discretion of the Phi Tau Sigma – AMSA Awards Committee.

Nominations shall include the 1) Nomination Form (below), 2) a Nomination Statement of not more than 1500 words describing the objectives, accomplishments, and Impact of the research. Material in the Nomination Statement in excess of the word limit shall not be considered in the evaluation process.

Nomination materials shall also include 3) Written Documentation of the research such as a reprint of the research paper (if any) or patent application (if any) or other formal written description of the research, such as the abstract of a thesis or dissertation.

To fulfill the requirements for Phi Tau Sigma membership, the nomination materials shall include 4) A listing of Education and Food Science (or equivalent) core courses taken.

Suggested formats: (modify as necessary for the nominee)


Degree Major or field Institution GPA Date Completed or Date Expected


Courses:                                                  Name of course(s):         Credits:    Final grade:

Food Chemistry and Analysis/Equivalent:

Food Safety and Microbiology/Equivalent:

Food Processing and Engineering/Equivalent:

Other Allied/Equivalent courses:

Lastly, nomination materials shall also include 5) a 2 to 3 paragraph Summary of the nomination material, suitable for publication in the Phi Tau Sigma Newsletter and the AMSA eNewsletter, and 6) a photograph of the nominee.

All parts of the nomination shall be submitted in one document.

Nomination materials shall be submitted to the Chair of the Awards Committee, with a copy to the Executive Director of Phi Tau Sigma ( and the AMSA Youth Programs Manager (, by email by April 19 of each year.  Please write “Phi Tau Sigma – AMSA Research with Impact Scholarship” in the subject line.

Check list: 1) Nomination Form (below), 2) Nomination Statement, 3) Written Documentation, 4) Education and Courses, 5) Summary, 6) Photograph.


Dr. Anthony W, Kotula, AMSA member since January 1, 1967 and Phi Tau Sigma Lifetime Member, who is the inspiration of this scholarship, credits his emphasis on original research, carefully selected to solve vexing problems of the meat/food industry to the example of his M.S. advisor, Dr. Carl R. Fellers.

Dr. Carl R. Fellers, who was Chair of the Food Technology Department at the University of Massachusetts and instrumental in the formation of Phi Tau Sigma in 1953, practiced and taught the concept that research should solve problems, and have significant practical application.  We refer to this as Impact.

Dr. Kotula has been very active with AMSA, serving as a Director (1974-76), Chair of numerous committees, and member in many more.  He was honored with the AMSA Distinguish Research Award (1983), Signal Service Award and AMSA Fellow (1992), and the R.C. Pollack Award (2003).  This is in addition to his activities and honors from other associations.  Dr. Kotula is a 2020 inductee into the Meat Industry Hall of Fame.

Dr. Kotula worked for the Agricultural Research Service of the USDA for 38 years, 25 of those as the Research Leader of the Meat Science Research Laboratory.  He has a ‘team’ philosophy and endeavored to work cooperatively with industry, academicians, other regulatory agencies so that the research results would have a practical use: Impact.

The American Meat Science Association has a long history of performing research to solve the problems of the meat industry. This research has a significant practical application.  It is important that students, as well as professionals, engage in research with Impact.

This mutual scholarship is also intended to expand the horizons of Phi Tau Sigma and broaden the exposure of AMSA to the general food science community.

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