Mentorship Program

This is the second year of the Phi Tau Sigma mentoring program. The Committee on Student Affairs hopes you will join us in this exciting program. The goal is for both mentors and mentees to have a meaningful and fun experience. To this end, we would like to keep the program as simple as possible. So we would ask each mentor and each mentee to fill out a separate short form with key information. At this time, we will try to give each mentee one Phi Tau Sigma mentor. However, if mentors wish to have more than one mentee, please let us know. If we find we have more mentors, then we will certainly allow mentees to have more than one mentor. And it is fine to be both a mentor and a mentee. Again, at least initially the forms will be posted on the Phi Tau Sigma website in the confidential area and published in the newsletter. These should be returned to Joe Regenstein at ideally by April 30th. (Late applications will be accepted but matching might be delayed.) We will match up mentors and mentees, and then contact both of you so that either the mentor or the mentee can begin the contact. That probably should be initiated by email.

We think that the mentor and mentee might think in terms of one or two Skype or phone sessions a year and if both are at IFT, then a live visit at that time. The goal is to have a meaningful interaction mostly at the professional level but also at the personal level. Again, this can be one session if that works or if the relationship doesn't?t click. And more sessions if the two parties agree? the key again is that both the mentor and mentee do not feel this is a chore, but something to look forward to. If not, it probably is time to try a new match.

The form is designed to elicit some key information about you. Again, other than one?s name and one form of contact - the information is voluntary. It is just there to help with the match-making process. So people should not feel an obligation to answer every question - and this will be indicated clearly on the form. This year we would like to share the forms with the mentor/mentee so that you know a little bit more about the other person. So please only put down the information you are willing to share.

Joe M. Regenstein, Chair, Student Activities Committee

Do you want to be a mentor, please fill out the Mentor questionnaire and email it to
Do you want to be a mentee, please fill out the mentee questionnaire and email it to

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