Duties of the Membership & Qualification Committee

  1. The Membership and Qualifications Committee shall review all membership nominations for compliance with the SOCIETY’S requirements and shall recommend qualified candidates to the Executive Committee for induction into Phi Tau Sigma. In those cases where the vote within the Membership and Qualifications Committee is not approved by two-thirds vote of the Committee members, it shall present the candidate before the Executive Committee for a vote by majority rule. If passed, the new member shall be inducted into Phi Tau Sigma. It shall develop suitable guidelines for acceptance and promotional material to explain or interpret membership qualifications, requirements and obligations.
  2. The Committee also shall assist the Chapter Membership Committees in expediting the nomination of new Members, new Lifetime Members and the election of Associate Members.
  3. The Committee shall consist of not less than three (3) Members, not more than one of whom may be a member of the Executive Committee.

Members of the Membership & Qualification Committee (2020 - 2021)

Lauren Jackson, Ph.D., Chair and Past Chair (lauren.jackson@fda.hhs.gov)
Elizabeth M. Grasso-Kelley, Ph.D., Incoming Chair
Rick Falkenberg, Ph.D.
Diane Schmitt, Ph.D.
Ashwini Wagh, Ph.D.
Kevin Mis Solval, Ph.D.
Rodrigo Tarté, Ph.D.
Shantrell Willis, Ph.D.
Trisha Bhatia, Ph.D.
Geoffrey Smithers, Ph.D.
Ogechukwu Tasie, Ph.D.
Sarah Cabellero, B.S. (M.S. student)
Vanessa Undisa Kishasha, M.Sc.
Hefei (Herve) Zhao (Ph.D. student)
Maria Plaza-Delestre, Ph.D.

Lifetime Membership

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Professional Membership

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Student Membership

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