Founders' Scholarship

The objective of the Founders' Scholarship is to emphasize the importance of original research, carefully selected, to solve vexing problems of the food industry.

The Phi Tau Sigma Founders' Scholarship shall be given to a student Member (or recently graduated professional Member) of Phi Tau Sigma whose graduate research has had, or is expected to have, a significant Impact - a practical and meaningful application.

The scholarship includes a plaque and $1,000.

Candidates (nominees) shall have been a student Member in good standing of Phi Tau Sigma for at least 1 year by the time of awarding, or a professional Member who has graduated 3 or fewer years from the time of nomination and has been a student and/or professional Member in good standing of Phi Tau Sigma during the time they did the research until the time of nomination.

Nominators shall be two (2) Phi Tau Sigma Members in good standing, at least one of which shall be a professional Member. There shall be no self-nominations.

"Members in good standing" are defined by the Phi Tau Sigma Constitution as "those whose dues are paid up-to-date."? [Article II - Membership, Section 2, Member.]

The Phi Tau Sigma Founders' Scholarship shall be presented annually at the annual Phi Tau Sigma meeting. There will be one award given annually, at the discretion of the Awards Committee.

Nominations shall include the 1) Nomination Form (below), 2) a Nomination Statement of not more than 1500 words describing the Impact of the research, and 3) Written Documentation of the research such as a reprint of the research paper (if any) or patent application (if any) or other formal written description of the research, such as the abstract of a thesis or dissertation. Material in the Nomination Statement in excess of the word limit shall not be considered in the evaluation process.

Lifetime Membership

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Professional Membership

Please join us as a professional member if you have a degree in food science and related field and experience working in the field.

Student Membership

If you currently enrolled in food science or related degree program and meet certain criteria, the student membership is best suited for you.

Next Steps...

Are you ready to join? Please visit the link to know more about the detailed membership criteria and the membership form. Your membership form must be submitted by two active Phi Tau Sigma members.