Duties of the Constitution & Bylaws Committee

There shall be a Constitution and Bylaws Committee comprising three (3) Members.  The Committee shall maintain continuing surveillance over the developments of any conflicts between the Constitution and the Bylaws.  It shall review and make recommendations to the Executive Committee on all proposed amendments to the Constitution or Bylaws.

Members of the Constitution & Bylaws Committee (2020 - 2021)

Rick Falkenberg, Ph.D., Chair (rick.falkenberg@outlook.com)
Hossein Daryaei, Ph.D., Incoming Chair
T. Matt Taylor, Ph.D., Past Chair
Kenneth McMillin, Ph.D.
Anand Mohan, Ph.D.
Vijaya Varma Indukuri, Ph.D.
Lida Rahimi Araghi, M.S.
Ravi Jadeja, Ph.D.
Manoj Sawale (Ph.D. student)
Chengchu Liu, Ph.D.
Virginia Ng, M.S.
Shankaralingam Pitchiah, M.S.

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