Chapters Affairs Committee Members

Mary Schmidl, Ph.D., Chair (

Amy Simonne, Ph.D., Incoming Chair

Naim Montazeri, Ph.D., Past Chair

Reza Tahergorabi, Ph.D.

Terri Boylston, Ph.D.

Lily Yang, M.S.

Claire Koelsch Sand, M.S.

Student Scholarship

Contact Information of Local Chapters

List of local chapters and the contact information of the chapters (website, email of the officers when available)

Dr. Dennis Heldman receiving special recognition award

Chapters Affairs Committee Members

Contact the Chair or committee members if you have any questions about the Chapters Affairs Committee

Recognition to Existing Chapters

To learn about various recognitions (chapter of merit award, chapter of excellence award, outstanding chapter of the year award, etc.) available for existing chapters, click here

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