University of Georgia - International cocoa research (January 2018)

The president of UGA chapter, Dr. Juzhong Tan visited the Cocoa Research Centre of the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago, for two weeks to carry out some specialized research in “Sensing Fermentation Degree of Cocoa beans by Artificial Neutral Network (ANN) based Electronic Nose” as a start to some post-doctoral research activities that he is contemplating. He also gave two seminars to the university personnel and location chocolate manufacturers on his current research on chocolate. His two-week internship at the CRC is being sponsored by CocoaTown LLC.

Alpha Lambda Chapter (December 2017)

(Contributed by Julia Conchas, President 2016-2017, and Jamie Lam, President 2017-2018)

After years of operating under Food Science Society, the club for Food Science and Technology students, the Alpha Lambda Chapter, also known as the Cal Poly Pomona Chapter, of Phi Tau Sigma finally became an official “club” at Cal Poly Pomona. This year’s executive board pushed for the Chapter of the Honor Society to be chartered, thus allowing for the independent operation of Phi Tau Sigma as a “club” on campus and giving the Honor Society the capability to reserve rooms, fundraise, maintain a financial account, increase publicity to students, and so much more; becoming a recognized Honor Society on campus has opened the door to endless possibilities for the Alpha Lambda chapter of Phi Tau Sigma.

In addition to successfully becoming a chartered “club”, the Alpha Lambda Chapter participated in the annual Pumpkin Festival held by the university, continued to serve students through workshops, and initiated the Theta class to the Honor Society. There has been a growing interest in the organization from Food Science students on campus, thus resulting in a higher demand for workshops regarding the application process and class scheduling; the student interest in Phi Tau Sigma has allowed the current members of the Honor Society to create a positive impact upon students in the Food Science and Technology major. The growth of interest in Phi Tau Sigma has already encouraged the facilitation of next year’s events, and the upcoming executive board of the Alpha Lambda Chapter is excited for the potential the new year holds!

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