Chapter of Merit and Chapter of Excellence Criteria

Each year, Phi Tau Sigma Chapters are recognized for their exemplary volunteer service, excellence in leadership, and dedication to the food science and technology profession with the Chapter of Merit or Chapter of Excellence designation.

In order to be eligible for a Chapter of Merit designation, the following criteria must be met:

  • Must nominate at least one new member
  • Must have an annual induction ceremony
  • Annual Report must be submitted by the deadline (September 1) (Includes activities over that past academic year, current year leadership, list of next year’s leadership)
  • Chapter should demonstrate continuing education or community service
  • Chapter ensures that forwarding contact information (particularly email addresses) is sent by all graduating members, or the Chapter, to the Executive Secretary (National/International level)

In order to be eligible for the Chapter of Excellence designation, the following criteria must be met:

  • Criteria for Chapter of Merit are met
  • The Chapter increases in membership by 5% based on current membership
  • Chapter activities have good attendance (30% of active members)
  • Chapter nominates at least one person for an award or scholarship (does not need to be from Chapter) sponsored by Phi Tau Sigma.
  • Provide at least one article for the Phi Tau Sigma Newsletter (may be part of the Annual Report or independent from it).

Presentation and Announcement:

The Chapter Affairs Committee Chair and the Executive Secretary of the Phi Tau Sigma will receive the Annual Reports and the Chapter Affairs Committee will evaluate annually which Chapters qualify for "Excellence", "Merit" or neither.

The announcement to the Chapters will be made as soon as possible and a certificate will be sent by the designated individual.  Through the Phi Tau Sigma Store, a paper and plastic frame will be used for ease of shipping and yet able for appropriate display.

Announcements will be made in the Phi Tau Sigma Newsletter and in the slide presentation during the Phi Tau Sigma and IFT Division Competition Awards Ceremony.

Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award

The Phi Tau Sigma Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award shall be given to honor a Chapter of Phi Tau Sigma that has achieved excellence in the areas of research, scholarship, leadership and service.

The award comes with a plaque and a $1000 honorarium to be used by the Chapter to advance distinction in the food science discipline.

Awards & Scholarships

Phi Tau Sigma offers numerous awards and scholarships to the members. To learn about the eligibility criteria and apply for these, please visit the AWARDS page

Contact Information of Local Chapters

List of local chapters and the contact information of the chapters (website, email of the officers when available)

Start a New Chapter

Would you like to start a new chapter, follow these simple steps.

Next Steps...

Are you ready to join? Please visit the link to know more about the detailed membership criteria and the membership form. Your membership form must be submitted by two active Phi Tau Sigma members.