Duties of the Awards Chapter Affairs Committee

A) The Chapters Affairs Committee shall be responsible for the relationships between the SOCIETY and the Chapters. It shall:

    1. Review all petitions for establishment of new Chapters and recommend action to the Executive Committee,
    2. Assist petitioners in preparing applications materials,
    3. Review Chapter Bylaws for conformance to the SOCIETY’S requirements,
    4. Specify initiation procedures, and Implement all Chapter programs specified by the Executive Committee.

B) To assist Chapters, the Committee shall:

    1. Monitor Chapter activities and recommend ways of strengthening and improving their programs,
    2. Initiate and suggest specific programs for Chapters to use,
    3. Work with inactive Chapters that may be in danger of losing their charters to revitalize them, and
    4. Work with Chapters whose charters have been withdrawn to help reinstate them.

C) The Committee shall consist of a chair and not less than three (3) Members. The members preferably should be persons who are or recently have been actively involved in the activities and administration of their Chapter.

Members of the Chapter Affairs Committee (2020 - 2021)

Terri Boylston, Ph.D., Chair, (tboylsto@iastate.edu)
Evelyn Watts, Ph.D.
Naim Montazeri, Ph.D.
Minh Duong (Ph.D. student)
Trisha Bhatia, Ph.D.
Lester Harry Schonberger (Ph.D. student)
P. Kumar Mallikarjunan, Ph.D.
Minwei Xu, M.S. (Ph.D. student)
Shengyue Shan, M.S. (Ph.D. student)
Emerson David Nolasco Guzman (Ph.D. student)
Laurel Dunn, Ph.D.

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